USM Baseball’s series with SUNY Stony Brook canceled over “Religious Freedom” bill

The University of Southern Mississippi is missing out on three home games this upcoming season due to Mississippi’s controversial “Religious Freedom” bill.

Stony Brook University says that they had to cancel their series at USM this February because of an executive order that New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo signed in 2016. The executive order bans any “non-essential” travel to states that have a “Religious Freedom” law like Mississippi and North Carolina. USM says that they are disappointed that they have to lose the home games, but rescheduling is nothing new.

“It’s something we deal with a lot of just we’ll approach teams to try and work out series, sometimes it works out sometimes things change,” says Stephen Pugh, USM’s Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Operations. “So it’s not uncommon for series to change from time to time, and have to work out solutions. And so we’re fortunately able to find a tournament to fill that space. But it’s unfortunate that we’re going to be going on the road and lose those home games.”

The USM baseball team will be attending a tournament at Steven F. Austin University instead of playing Stony Brook the weekend of February 23.

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