Salvation Army In Laurel Opens Its Doors

LAUREL, MS (WJTV) – This week the Salvation Army in Laurel has opened up a daytime warming station on their property.

“We have a warming station going on anytime the temperature drops below 32 degrees, any time,” said Major Bert Lind of the Salvation Army

Major Lind says they usually keep the warming station closed when it is warmer than 32 degrees like it was today. But when they looked at the forecast, they decided to keep the station open.

“We looked at the weather and we saw that it was only going to be a short period of time and then the temperature was going to drop,” said Lind. “We kept the warming station open today, which is an unusual event, if you will. So we’re looking out for the people, for the, you know, the safety and comfort of the people, so we’re doing what we can.”

As of right now there have only been approximately 10 people staying at the overnight shelter, and even fewer have visited the warming station, but Major Lind says that as long as people need their help, they will take care of those in need.

“The Salvation Army is interested in taking care of the people and doing the most good that we can to help the people in the environment that they find themselves. And this is the best way that we have thought that we can help the people.”


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