Forrest County Prepares For Cold Weather

HATTIESBURG, Miss (WJTV) – You don’t normally associate freezing temperatures with southern Mississippi, even in the winter time. And over the next week experts are expecting temperatures to reach as low as the teens some nights.

Glen Moore is the executive director for the Forrest County Emergency Management District, and says if you expect to be working outside over the next week, make sure you are prepared for the frigid weather. “Dress in layers. Another thing is stay hydrated. A lot of people don’t really think that’s important but it is, you know?” said Moore. “Say hydrated and dress in layers. If you gotta be out working in this, especially at night, you know make sure that you dress in layers and if you need to, you know, take breaks, come inside and warm up.”

Local homeless shelters are also preparing for the incoming cold spell. The Field House in Hattiesburg says they are already collecting warm clothes and will help out anyone looking for a place to stay.

“We want to make sure we get the word out to everybody that they’re welcome to come here. Our doors are open and if there’s no other space available, we’ll accommodate women,” said Field House Co-Director Cynthia Young. “We’ll be doing some type of housing at motels for women. We just want to make sure that everybody knows that they have somewhere that they can come to.

The Forrest County Emergency Management District says they are tracking the cold front and will know more as we get closer to Sunday.

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