Tornado Touches Down In Walthall County

WALTHALL COUNTY, Miss (WJTV) -“It’s a sound you don’t forget.”

Tami Thornhill was getting her kids ready for school on Wednesday morning when suddenly she heard what she described as a loud roaring noise. Next thing she knew, she was on the ground.

“It threw me and my husband across the room,” said Thornhill. “We [were] trying to [get to] the living room. Woke up, opened your eyes and everything’s dark. Stuff is falling. The kids are screaming that they’re ok. [We went] outside and…It’s everywhere. Everything is gone.”

All around the property, tree branches and debris were scattered. Thornhill said that her trailer was moved off of its foundation by the tornado by almost three feet.

 “So it was anchored to there, and pulled us all of the way back to here, and broke the frame,” said Thornhill

Frank Revitte of the National Weather Service said that a tornado did in fact touch-down around the Thornhill’s home.

 “Just looking at, well I did take a quick glance at radar before we left and then just looking at some of the visual damage here, it looks like we probably had a very weak, short lived tornado that touched down in this area and caused some minor damage to this area,” said Revitte.

The National Weather service warns that tornado’s can pop up in the Gulf South during the winter time and encourages people in the area to pay attention to the weather and look out for weather alerts.

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