Bellevue Withdraws Petition To Incorporate

BELLEVUE, Miss. (WJTV) – “We’re more optimistic today, and more confident today, than we even were a few months ago,” said John Adcock, the proposed Mayor of the City of Bellevue.

On Friday, Adcock and his team filed a motion in Lamar County Chancery Court to withdraw their Incorporation Petitions and to voluntarily dismiss the case temporarily.

“We made the decision that the prudent thing to do in order to be successful when we do get in front of a judge was to go ahead and withdraw the petition that we had filed back in May, get a few more signatures, a minimal amount of signatures, and then re-file so that we know that we have more than enough when we go in front of the judge,” explained Adcock on Monday.

One of the leaders in the fight against this Incorporation that lives in Bellevue said she is one of the many people that live in this community that do not want anything to change

“We don’t believe that we need it,” said Betty Arnold.

Betty Arnold is one of the leaders of the Concerned Citizens of Bellevue. She says that one of their biggest concerns with the plans to Incorporate is that they believe they are better off with the services Lamar County already provides.

“There would be no enhancement in activities, no enhancement in Law Enforcement, no enhancement in fire protection or our ambulance service,” said Arnold. “So we do not see the benefit, again, of paying more taxes for services that we already enjoy.”

Adcock stressed though that residents wouldn’t be paying more.

“Those folks are already paying a certain amount of millage for those services to Lamar County. The County is not going to continue charging people for those things and take those services away. We’re trying to enhance those services. There may be some change over who’s providing what, you know, whether it’s the city’s responsibility or the County’s responsibility, but they’re not going to lose services, we’re trying to enhance the services that are already in place.”

Adcock says that there is currently no timetable as for when they will be resubmitting their petition, but he says they are very close to the number of signatures they need.

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