MS HS All Star Football Team Gives Back To Community Before Big Game

With the annual Mississippi vs. Alabama High School Football All Star game tomorrow in Hattiesburg, members of the Mississippi team partnered up with Mississippi Power and the Hattiesburg Salvation Army on Friday to help the less fortunate.

Players and coaches from the Mississippi High School Football All Star Team arrived at the Hattiesburg Salvation Army post off of highway 49 on Friday afternoon to start packaging canned goods.

“It makes me feel good as an individual just knowing that I’m helping somebody out around Christmas time that can’t afford this kind of stuff,” said Senior East Central tight end Brad Cumbest. “It’s just…it should make you feel good as a person.”

Lieutenant Christian Smith from the Salvation Army said that the players were helping package their Christmas food boxes.

“They’re here today. So they’re helping us sort the Christmas food boxes that we’re going to be handing out over the Christmas season to just families that really can’t afford their own Christmas meals,” said Smith. “So these boxes are going to go to families in poverty that can just really use some help over the Christmas season.”

Sonyia Grice of Mississippi Power said they facilitated this effort through the company’s non-profit, Community Connection.

“So Community Connection partnered with the All-Star team and Salvation Army to come as one big group to make a difference in the community, as much as showing the boys also how to work as a team not only on the field but actually with an organization,” said Grice.

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