8 in custody after possible gang-related shooting in Bonhomie Apartments

HATTIESBURG, Miss.(WHLT) – The Hattiesburg Police Department is investigating a shooting that left two people seriously injured and another with non-life threatening injuries.

Around 12:30 Monday afternoon, police responded to 1810 County Club Road for a shooting. When officers arrived on scene witness told police they heard multiple shots in Bonhomie Apartment complex.

During the investigation, police marked approximately 70 shell coverings recovered at the scene.

The shooting victims were already at the hospital where one is in critical condition and another in stable condition. There was a third subject that was treated and released and scene.

At this time police say eight subjects are in custody with pending charges.

In an interview with Captain Branden McLemore, he said the shooting is being classified as gang-related. He says the victims in the shooting are members of the Hoovers.

Bonhomie Apartment manager, Beverly Patrick, says she was in her office during the time of the shooting, and called 9-11 after she heard the shots rang out. She says despite the shooting, she wants to reassure residents to take extra security measures to insure their safety.

She said, “I just want the residents to know this is our community, and you know they’ve got to be here, they have to live here. So I want to make it a safe place by all means necessary for them to be able to feel safe to live here at Bonhomie Apartments. ”

Hattiesburg Councilman Nicholas Brown put out a statement to the residents of Ward 5. He wrote:

I want to let the citizens of Ward 5 and The Greater Hattiesburg Community know that we cannot predict these senseless acts of violence.  We are using all resources to not only keep our citizens safe, but also to apprehend all parties involved.  I have spoken to the Chief of Police for updates, and I want to let our citizens know that these crimes will no longer be tolerated.  I’m calling for peace among the community of Hattiesburg, Ms.


Police say this shooting is an ongoing investigation that may lead to additional arrest and charges.

Anyone with additional information is asked contact the Hattiesburg Police Department or Metro Crime Stoppers.

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