Kingston Frazier family speaks

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – It’s been 6 months since Kingston Frazier’s life was cut short, but for his family it feels like yesterday.

“We were looking forward to him going to his graduation,” says Kingston’s grandmother. “I was looking forward to one day dropping him off at school then picking him up, but that won’t happen.”

On Thursday, one of the suspects charged with his murder, Dwan Wakefield, walked out of the Madison County Jail after the Judge signed a $275,000 bond order.

Members of Kingston’s family have expressed frustration, saying communication is lacking.

“We would like to be kept in the loop. We would like Madison County, Hinds County, anybody that has hands on bringing justice for Kingston Frazier to please keep the family informed,” says Kingston’s aunt, Tracey Chandler. “Do not let us continue to learn information through the media.”

Right now, the two other suspects charged with capital murder, D’allen Washington and Byron McBride, are still behind bars without bond.

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