Hub City Mayor reappoints Police Chief

Hattiesburg Mayor (L), Chief of Police (C), Second Assistant Chief (R)
HATTIESBURG, Miss.(WHLT) – On Tuesday afternoon, Hattiesburg Mayor Toby Barker announced his selection for Chief of Police.
The mayor nominated Chief Anthony Parker for reappointment.
Barker said, “He’s built great relationships across the city. He’s someone who I think our officers trust, and he’s been a great stabilizing force throughout this transition.”
Before the chief was appointed in 2015, he also served the chief position for the Crystal Springs Police Department. In addition, he served as a special agent for Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and as a state trooper with the Mississippi Highway Patrol.
Joining Chief Anthony Parker is Peggy Sealy who was appointed the second assistant chief position. The position was created and approved back in October by the Hattiesburg City Council.
The chief said he selected Sealy because her history and experience with the Hattiesburg Police Department.
“Peggy Sealy is a well respected former officer of Hattiesburg Police Department. I want someone with my vision and my hope for Hattiesburg future. And she will serve well in transition,” Chief Anthony Parker explained.
Mayor Barker also reflected on the addition of Sealy to the HPD, “She’s someone who’s proven her worth, when she started as a meter maid in 1988 and worked her way up. She’s someone who law enforcement respect, because she did work her way up. She didn’t take any short cuts, and she’s someone who can teach, who mentor, who can develop leadership in our department.”
Sealy says one of her goals to have a significant influence with the residents of Hattiesburg.
She said, “A positive impact with the citizens. Really getting involved with community policing, and the citizens having a good feel about the police department.”
Sealy is set to start her appointment December 1, and the chief of police nomination will be voted on at the Hattiesburg City Council meeting on Tuesday, November 21.

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