Hattiesburg Firefighters participate in No Shave November for 2-year-old battling Leukemia

HATTIESBURG, Miss.(WHLT) – The Hattiesburg Fire Department is ditching the shaving cream for 2-year-old Kaitlyn who’s battling cancer.

During the summer, Tony and Lindsay Wright’s daughter Kaitlyn was diagnosed with cancer, “She was diagnosed back in July, end of July with AML Leukemia. She’s been responding well to treatment. Just getting into her final rounds.”

Kaitlyn has had more than four rounds of chemotherapy, and because of the back and fourth to the hospital, her father had to take a leave of absence from his job.

Lindsay said her daughter’s story was shared to the Hattiesburg Fire Department, and that’s how they were selected to receive the money for Kaitlyn.

She said,”We were put in touch, and they just talked about Kaitlyn, our story, and we were fortunate enough for them to pick us.”

Jourdan Arnold with Station No. 1, says the department has been participating in No Shave November for three years, and the purpose is to raise awareness about cancer.


“Cancer among firemen, we have a much higher chance of getting it than the average population does just because of the stuff we deal with and the stuff we’re exposed to. But it’s to kind of bring awareness to that, that’s why we choose to benefit a child with cancer. It’s something the whole community can get behind.” Jourdan said.

As part of the No Shave November challenge, each firefighter participating must collect $30 or more through personal monies or sponsors.

At the end of the end of November, the money donated will be given to the family, and the men get to shave their beards.

So far the department has raised more than $3,000 for Kaitlyn, but they hope to reach $5,000 by the end of the month.


If you would like to find out more information about the cause or donate to Kaitlyn, click here.