Local Pastor Responds To Mass Shooting

Dean Register is the Founding and Senior Pastor of CrossPoint Community Church in Hattiesburg.

Register acknowledges that tragedies like what happened in Texas on Sunday can happen anywhere throughout the country. Which is why he held an active shooter training seminar at his church two years ago.

Register says he brought in a former local police chief to train members of his congregation on what to do during an active shooter situation.

“Clint came in, walked us through live simulations with 9mm soap bullets, and told us what to expect and how chaos can erupt in those moments,” said Register. “So that seminar was probably one of the best things we did.”

Register says that the Church started hiring security two years ago as an extra safety measure, and have men patrolling the church grounds during services.

“We feel like it’s necessary to protect our children and all of the innocent people. So we guard every entrance and exit.”

WJTV asked Pastor Register if the Church has considered implementing any additional security measures on Sundays, such as putting a metal detector at the front door. He says that in lieu of recent events throughout the country, this is absolutely something the church will be considering

“It’s a great question you’ve raised and it would be worthy of serious consideration, yes,” said Register.

And for anyone who is feeling uneasy when going to their church moving forward, Register had one simple message.

“If we are frightened and afraid to attend our churches, then evil has won.”

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