Petal officials make it easier for residents to report issues in the city

PETAL, Miss.(WHLT) – The City of Petal is helping residents report problems in the city faster through a smartphone app.

On Wednesday, November 1, the city posted on Facebook they joined the SeeClickFix smartphone app.

The app is a user friendly way for residents to report maintenance issues or even hazardous incidents.

Mayor of Petal, Hal Marx, says since rolling out the app they have seen a number of reports.

He says,”Right now we’re doing pretty well. Right now I think our average time is the same day we’re getting these complaints. I can’t promise they’ll always be that fast. The more we get, the harder it’s going to get to get all of them on that time period, but we’re going to try to address those in priority as they come in.”

With the app, not only can residents report issues, but they can get notifications from the city regarding alerts or events.

“One of the things I like about it is we have an alert to let people know about a boil water notice or anything like that. If there’s been anything like traffic disruption, we can notify our citizens through the app.”

Mayor Marx encourages every resident to download the SeeClickFix app, because they will never know when they’ll need it.

“They may see a problem one day and just be able to let us know about it, and it’ll just be easy as click of a button.”

To download SeeClickFix on your smartphone, visit your Android or Apple app store.


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