Alcohol vote foes set prayer rally in Mississippi county

(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

QUITMAN, Miss. (AP) – Opponents of legalizing alcohol sales in a Mississippi county are gathering to pray that the county remains dry.

The prayer rally is set for Sunday afternoon at the Clarke County courthouse, two days before the county’s voters will decide whether to legalize booze.

Separate ballot questions are set on allowing beer sales and wine and liquor sales. Voters can adopt both, reject both, or split their tickets.

Enterprise First Baptist Church Pastor Macon Phillips tells The Meridian Star that voters “should not legalize immorality.”

Clarke County is one of seven Mississippi counties remaining that don’t allow any legal alcohol sales.

Voters signed petitions to put both questions on the ballot. Quitman Mayor Eddie Fulton and others support the move, saying it would mean more revenue for local businesses.