Pro Baseball Coming To The Pine Belt

LAUREL, Miss.– The MLB season might be over, but fans craving their baseball fix won’t have to look too far for long. The National Urban Professional Baseball League will be adding Laurel to its roster of teams, bringing the number of teams in the league to four.

Jabarii Carr is the representative for the laurel N-U-P-B-L and will be playing for the team once the season begins. He has been working around the clock to spread the word about the new team and get people excited for the season to start.

“Well I’ve actually been going around trying to help gain sponsors through pretty much just showing my face, introducing them to the league and things like that,” said Carr. “Like I said, as well as on social media I’ve been advertising as well there trying to pretty much get as much support as we can that way the first year can be a big success and we can go from there.”

The league is expecting attendance for the year to reach as high as 100,000 people.

“We’re going to have promotional events such as like, Jazz and Blues Night, Open Mic Night, Senior Citizen Days, Family and Friends Day, things like that are going to accommodate the season,” said Carr. “So they’re pretty much going to give people a reason to actually come to the games as well as the concessions. Pretty much everyone around here loves food.”

Carr says that teams will consist of 24 players and that you have to be at least 17 years-old to join. Tryouts will be on November 18th and 19th, and Carr says that he encourages anyone who plays baseball to come out.

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