Missing Pygmy goats returned to 11-year-old and her family

TYLERTOWN, Miss.(WHLT) – Earlier this week two Pygmy goats went missing from the Laird’s front yard, but now they’re back home with their family.

Leia and Moonpie, were left overnight in Tylertown while the family was moving into their new home. However, the next morning when they arrived back to the home Leia and Moonpie were gone.

The family posted photos and flyers throughout the week to their Facebook communities, and they shared their story with WJTV 12 on Thursday.

Friday morning, the Laird’s received great news about their goats.

Lacey Laird said, “Well I got a call, well a message on Facebook about 10 o’clock from the Marion County Sheriff Detective, and he said that he thought he may have spotted my goats yesterday on a separate call.”

After Lacey received the message, she drove to Marion County to meet the detectives.

“So I got in my car, I drove to Kokomo, Mississippi, and I accompanied him and a detective from Walthall County out to a residence, and the goats were there.”

Detectives told Lacey they found the goats through a separate investigation.

Lacey and Justin Laird says they’re excited their daughter will have her friends back and be able to continuing training them for her future shows.

“She’s going to be estatic. Thrilled! She’ll be really happy to have her goats back,” they said.

The family would like to thank the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, Waltham County Sheriff’s Department, and everyone who shared their story on Facebook.

The Waltham County Sheriff’s Department has not release the man’s name accused of stealing the goats, but plans to issue a warrant for his arrest.




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