McComb still debating fate of Confederate monument

Photo: WHLT

MCCOMB, Miss. (WJTV) – A Confederate war monument has been at the center of debate in McComb for months now. The City Council voted 4-3 to move the monument in late August, but the memorial has yet  to go.

McComb City Council Selectman-At-Large, Thomas McKenzie, says that if the city were to move forward with the monument’s removal, he would rather not use the taxpayer’s money to do so.

“The person who made the motion to remove it said that he could get private donations to remove it,” said McKenzie. “And that’s one of the comments I made. If we’re going to consider this, I would rather not use taxpayer money to do it because we got so many other pressing needs in the city right now with paving roads, fixing potholes, rather than spending on moving monuments that most people, it’s low on their priority list.”

The plan is to move the monument to a nearby cemetery where Confederate soldiers are buried, however the City Council and Mayor’s office are still figuring out the logistics of moving the historical landmark.

McKenzie says part of the removal process has been determining if moving the monument would be legal in the state of Mississippi.

“We asked the Attorney General, clarify this kind of ambiguous law,” said McKenzie. Can you move it? Can you not move it?”

McKenzie provided WJTV with the Mississippi Attorney General’s opinion he gave, where he determined that a municipality has the right to move a monument to a more suitable location. For now, though, the city will work on determining how to properly fun the project before anything else.

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