World War II explosive found in Forrest County by 12-year-old boy

Photo courtesy of Brandon Freeman
Photo courtesy of Brandon Freeman
Brandon Freeman and his son located a World War II explosive in Forrest County. (Photo courtesy of Brandon Freeman)
Photo courtesy of Brandon Freeman
FORREST COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — An explosive that possibly dates back to World War II was found in Forrest County this week.

According to the sheriff’s department, the explosive device was located Tuesday near Camp Shelby on Hollingsworth Road.
The two people who found the explosive device was 12-year-old Ben Jordan and his stepfather Brandon Freeman.
Ben just received a metal detector for his 12th birthday and decided to search the woods near his grandparent’s house.
He said, “We wanted to go some place where no one had been for about 70 years, so we were walking and got a hit, and then we started digging with our hands.”
That’s when they found the explosive device, resembling a grenade.
Ben’s stepfather wasn’t sure if it was an actual grenade until they took a trip to the Camp Shelby Museum. That’s when he found the same grenade hanging on display labeled as a World War II Rifle Grenade.
He then called the Forrest County Sheriff’s Department.
Ben recalls getting home from school and seeing all the police near his home, “The next day I got off the bus and there was a truck here, they asked me a few questions about it, and I just told them the answers, and a few hours later there were about 40 or 50 people here.”
The units on scene determined it was an explosive device and called the Biloxi bomb squad.
Ben watched it all unfold as the bomb squad detonated the device, “Then they got sandbags and covered it so it wouldn’t do much damage to anything, and then they blew it up.”
The sheriff’s department is not sure whether it was an active grenade, but detonated it for safety.
Ben says he doesn’t know if he’ll ever find another object as good as the grenade, but he plans to keep searching.