Residents and business owners learn active shooter training through the Hattiesburg Police Department

HATTIESBURG, Miss.(WHLT) – The Hub City Police department hosted a day long active shooter seminar and training on Tuesday.

Lieutenant Allen Murray, with the police department, lead the seminar portion of the training where residents and business owners were taught the best way to respond in an active shooter event.

He said there are three main steps that can help you and others around you, “Avoid, deny, defend. Avoid the scenario. If something is happening get away from it. If something seems like it’s not right get away from it. If you cannot get away from it, then you’ll need to deny it. You can do that by barricading the doors, locking up hinges if you have to. Finding anything and everything you can to block the entrance, and deny access to your person. And then if you cannot deny it any further, then you go to defending.”

Lt. Allen Murray also used various examples of active shooter events that has left many without loved ones: Columbine (1999), Virginia Tech (2007), and Fort Hood (2009). He used these shootings for the participants to critically think, what ways can you use the avoid, deny, and defend method.

After the seminar, participants used what they learned in an interactive training at Mary Bethune Alternative School. There, Lt. Allen Murray and Lt. Chris Johnson acted out 2 scenarios that would make all the participants think quick on their feet.

In one instance, shots rang out in the hallway, and participants ran to the nearest classroom. Their next strategy was to see how to get away or avoid the active shooter. Some used chairs to block doors and others grabbed broomsticks. In every scenario the avoid, deny and defend method was used.

The Hattiesburg Police Department hopes through these seminars and training’s, people in the community will be able to learn what to do in an active shooter event, and learn they can fight back.




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