Solar Plant coming to the Pine Belt

SUMRALL, Miss. (WJTV) — A new form of renewable energy is being brought to the Pine Belt this winter, and it’s coming in a big way. The largest solar farm this side of the Mississippi River is being built right now in Sumrall just outside of Hattiesburg.

Cooperative Energy teamed up with Origis Energy to provide solar energy to thousands of people throughout Mississippi.

Nathan Brown of Cooperative Energy said that all of their customers will benefit from this solar farm.

“Well all of our customers would receive benefits of the power generated by this facility,” said Brown. “Total for us would be about two percent of the total energy for cooperative energy in 2018 that’s projected.”

The project, dubbed “Sumrall II”, will help power over 11,000 homes in the Hattiesburg area.

Brown said he is hoping that they’ll be able to start activating rows of solar panels by early November.

“So the commercial operation date will be sometime between now and the end of the year,” said Brown. “So sometime between early November and the end of the year they’ll start making each of the panels here, the rows you see here, active.”

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