Ellisville pastor hopes to bring relief to Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico

ELLISVILLE, Miss.(WHLT) – It’s been nearly a month since Hurricane Maria caused major damage in Puerto Rico. However, a pastor in Ellisville is looking to send relief to his homeland.

“It’s home. It’ll always be home,” says Pastor Roberto Velez of Peniel Christian Church.

Pastor Velez spent many of his childhood years on the lands of Puerto Rico, but now all he sees is damage that the hurricane has caused.

“I was sort of devastated when I saw what happened. And I spoke to my wife, feeling the weight of the Lord, I wanted to do something,” he said.

For the past few weeks, Peniel Christian Church members, local Senators, and the National Guard has reached out to Pastor Velez to give a helping hand. He says with the support of the community and other leaders, he has been able to collect a generous amount of items, but he still needs more.

He listed some of the items already collected by the church, “Over here we have water, okay, and over here we have boxes of food already designated.”

“We have pampers, feminine hygiene stuff.”

With the amount of items already collected, Pastor Velez’s goal is to fill up the large shipping container sitting in the yard of the church.

“My goal is to collect what I need, to put it in that container to ship it out, and then pray to God and say do I send the other one. “

Pastor Velez says he hopes the rest of the community can help in his efforts to send relief to the victims in Puerto Rico.
“I wanted Puerto Rico to see, that Mississippi was a loving, compassionate, and merciful state.”
If you would like to donate to help Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico, you can call 321-662-6632, or drop off items to the church at: 1676 Highway 29 North, Ellisville, Miss. 39437.

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