Highway 90 traffic restored, Nate recovery response continues

MDOT crews have raised over half of the high-mast lighting systems that were lowered to prevent potential damage from high winds before the storm. All remaining lights will be raised this week. (Photo: MDOT)

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) —  The Mississippi Department of Transportation said all lanes of Highway 90 are now clear and open for travel.

Crews have been working on recovery efforts along the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Nate.

“Over half of the high-mast lighting systems that were lowered before the storm to prevent damage from high winds have been raised,” said Transportation Commissioner Tom King. “MDOT crews plan to have the remaining lights operational this week. I appreciate the dedication of our emergency response crews diligently working to get things back to normal along the Gulf Coast.”

MDOT officials said crews spent Tuesday clearing the remaining said from the highway.

Additionally, MDOT crews will continue working to complete the following response efforts this week.

  • Crews continue to clear sand from the turning lanes, parking areas, and medians along U.S. Highway 90.
  • All remaining state-maintained traffic signals along U.S. Highway 90 have been restored.  MDOT crews are assisting the City of Biloxi to fully restore three city-maintained signals as electric crews troubleshoot issues.
  • Electrical cabinets for the Biloxi Bay Bridge are being replaced due to water damage. Lights along the bridge will remain out until the cabinets are replaced.

With the majority of response efforts along the Gulf Coast complete, MDOT’s emergency operation workforce will be reduced.

Motorists should remain alert for roadside crews as cleanup efforts continue.

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