Concrete barriers & benches moved by Nate

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WJTV/WHLT) – As the sun came up Sunday morning, we got a better look at some of the damage along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Winds were still high on Beach Boulevard in Pascagoula Sunday morning, according to WJTV Reporter Natay Holmes.

Neighbors in that area woke up to large trees uprooted. A lot of debris also washed up from the storm surge.

We’re told water rose to eight feet in the some of the areas along the Gulf Coast and ten feet in others.

The power from the storm surge was so strong – it knocked some of the concrete barriers that were lining the Buffett Bridge out of place. For a while, those barriers blocked the street.

The Mayor of Pascagoula tells us city crews will be out assessing damage throughout the day.

“We have a lot of clean up to do,” Mayor Dane Maxwell said. “We have a lot of drainage issues and power outages. We got to get busy on it.”

Mayor Maxwell says they did not have to do any water rescues in the city overnight, and to his knowledge, no one was hurt in his area during the storm.

Stay with us as we continue to follow damage from Nate. Find more stories by clicking here.

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