Getting to know Columbia athlete Jaheim Oatis


Meet Jaheim Oatis, the 6’ 5 285 pound athlete from Columbus Mississippi. For Jaheim sports have been a big part of his life from an early age but one thing that’s getting a lot of attention is that he is only 14 and he’s just heading to the 8th grade.

“I’ve been playing baseball since I was three years old. Basketball I just started last year. I got invited to an AAU team in Jackson I played with them this summer and then I just started playing football, easy work.”

Jaheim has recently traveled to several college camps to showcase his talent and those trips proved to be beneficial after gaining interest from SEC schools and experiencing a moment he tells me he will never forget, meeting nick Saban.

“I wanted to meet him a long long time ago then all of the sudden he just popped up he took a picture with me he couldn’t believe how old I was and he said you’re in the 8th and I said yes sir and he said I can’t believe it he said just work in high school do your thing and keep going.”

“It’s a blessing and a curse I guess”

This is Jaheim’s coach James Harvey who is aware of the strain that can be put on a young man with huge   publicity and early sec offers so he’s a firm believer in taking things slow with young talent.

“we expect you know some big things out of him but I tell people to be cautious because he is still a 14 year old kid, he is a puppy with big paws so you have to temper your optimism with caution because we want to try to bring him along slowly and develop him and get him to where he needs to be.”

Aware of the attention that his coach cautions to Jaheim tells me he has his own way of dealing with the chatter that comes his way.

“not worrying about it it’s just there I’m just looking at it people talking about it I’m happy for myself keep my head going don’t worry about nothing people are talking about on twitter and all that I just keep straight and keep my head straight and keep god first..”