PREVIEW: Mississippi sales tax free weekend

Photo Credits: Myka Barnes-Garcia/WHLT

PETAL, Miss. (WHLT) — If you or your child need new clothes this school year, consider shopping this weekend. Mississippi’s tax free holiday begins Friday at Midnight.

We spoke to Fly Boutique about how the 7% tax break helps not only shoppers but businesses.

“Just come ready to grab some deals,” said Fly Boutique Marketing director Bethany Alexander. “It’s a deal. I love a good deal, everybody loves a good deal. It’s just a good time to shop local and support local businesses.”

Shoppers will crowd malls, stores and shops across the state looking to buy clothes and shoes at a discount.

“Save that money,” said shopper Haley Milton with excitement. “Parents can go get a tax break. Some schools do have uniforms but most here in the area don’t. So they can go get clothes stocked up for their kids for the school year.”

Alexander believes the tax-free holiday is good timing for stores because August is typically a transition month — getting rid of Summer inventory and stocking the floors with Fall attire.

“This weekend is honestly the best time to shop with us,” she said. “We will have all of our summer apparel, summer clothes and shoes 50 percent off on top of it being tax-free. We have have tons of new arrivals. They’re gonna be excluded in the sale but we have new arrivals for game day and back to school. Just all your necessities for going back to school in style.”

Milton, a teacher, added, this is the weekend she waits for in order to get all of her outfits for the upcoming school year.

“I think it would be the best time to shop. Especially for parents and students. It’s right before school starts so you can stock up on clothing necessities.”

Some things to remember while grabbing deals — items prices over $100 and school supplies, such as book bags, are not included.

“Heck! Seven percent off of anything you buy is good. That’ll help you. I’m probably going to buy more stuff in the end. I don’t really have a budget set.”

The 2017 Sales Tax Holiday takes place between 12:01 a.m. Friday, July 18, 2017 and 12:00 Midnight Saturday, July 29, 2017.

Not to sure what’s excluded or included? Check this link out.


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