Water line breaks at Hub City apartment complex, residents without water

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) — Residents at Overlook Apartments in Hattiesburg are without water after a main water line broke Tuesday night.

City crews workers received a call from mangers at the Apartment complex last night when residents began to notice water was leaking between 5 and 8 p.m.

“They (Overlook maintenance workers) got in touch with the city and there was back and forth with the city as far as who was responsible for the water main,” said Ashley Scarborough, assistant manager at Overlook Apartments. “So they finally came out yesterday evening and looked at it.”

Scarborough said workers discovered it was the city’s water main and that a crew would be there first thing Wednesday morning to begin working on the line.

“They got here this morning, a little bit after 8 a.m.,” she said. “They discovered there was a break in the “T” pipe that is coming from the fire hydrant and they are going to replace that pipe that’s in there because it’s broken where the pipes join at, so, that’s where they’re going to have to fix the pipe at.”

Water has been shut off to all the entire apartment complex since early this morning.

WJTV 12 spoke to a resident who witness the situation escalate.

“The mud had started coming up out of the ground but overnight something happened where our water just started flowing and then the street just cracked open too,” she said.

She said she takes a daily walk around the complex and this morning when she began walking she noticed the issue had gotten worse.

“Thew water was just rushing, it sounded like a water fall, that’s how bad it was.,” she described. “And they just this morning, just this morning turned that water off.”

City crew worker Darrell Hughes said he isn’t sure how much water was lost.

“Ain’t no telling how many gallons was lost,” he said. “When we got out here this morning it was running. It was an 8 inch main with a 6 inch reducer that streams water to the fire hydrant across the street.”

Hughes also added he isn’t sure how long the complex will be without water, “Because we’ve got to cut that (the water line) out and repair it. That might take another couple hours and that’s if they got the part.”

Scarborough wants residents to remain patients with crew workers as they resolve the issue.

“So, we’re trying to keep them abreast as far as what’s going on,” she stated. “It’s a just a hurry up and wait kind of thing right now.”

Officials with the city say the cause of the break is from the aging of the pipes.

Residents have not been advised to boil their water once it is restored. Scarborough said workers say the water has not been contaminated.



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