Wayne County deputy injured during chase, driver still on run

WAYNE COUNTY, Miss. (WHLT) — A Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy is recovering after a driver sped through a safety checkpoint Friday evening causing a wreck.

The driver is still on the run.

“Well if he’s watching tonight, turn yourself in because I’m looking for you,” says Wayne County Sheriff Jody Ashley.

Officials say the driver slowed down then sped up at about 50 miles per hour, almost hitting the three deputies working the traffic stop.

“Actually assaulting and trying to run over the officers is something I will not tolerate in Wayne County.”

Authorities tell us their bright LED light are noticeable.

“This individual knew this was a safety checkpoint.”

But the suspect in a black sedan with a Wayne County tag with WT or WV disregarded the traffic stop and took off down Shebuta Road.

“That subject turned left at Shebuta Euctta,” said Narcotics Officer Kevin McDonald. “John (deputy injured) tried to continue perusing and he did not make the turn. It’s a dangerous intersection there. In the turn, the officer rolled the patrol car into the ditch and hit a tree.”

Sheriff Ashley says Deputy John Williams has minor injuries to his head and neck. Williams has been released from the hospital and recovering at home.

“It makes me mad because somebody would do this to one of my officers,” said Ashley.

McDonald adds that regardless of the situation or outcome, they are going to continue doing their job.

The department sets up three to five checkpoints throughout the county each week.

“Most people are very compliment to be honest with you,” said McDonald. “You’re always going to have those few that are not, like in the case this past night,”

Ashley wants people to know that these safety checkpoints are set up to make the community a safer place.

“When we’re out on these safety checkpoints we’re here checking driver’s license, safety equipment. This individual had no safe regard for these officers lives. We need to get him apprehended and charge him with assault.”

Crime stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the suspect.

If you have any information, contact Crime Stoppers at (601) 735-5323 or the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department at (601) 735-2323

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