Learning more about the 8 victims killed in Lincoln County shooting spree

Burage couple

LINCOLN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – We’re learning more about the eight people who were killed during a violent shooting spree in Lincoln County early Sunday morning.

MBI officials have arrested 35-year-old Willie Corey Godbelt for the murder for 8 people including a Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Suspect: Willie Corey Godbolt
Picture provided by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety

As WJTV’s Margaret-Ann Carter reports many of the victims were related to one another, as well as the accused gunman.

Below is the list of victims who were killed, according to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation:

    • Deputy William Durr, age 36
    • Barbara Mitchell, age 55
    • Brenda May, age 53
    • Tocarra May, age 35
    • Juvenile, age unknown
    • 17-year-old male
    • Ferral Burage, age 45
    • Shelia Burage, age 46

While people across the nation are stunned by the heinous act of violence, the people closest to the situation say they’re not shocked by Godbolt’s outrage.

Some people we spoke with called Godbolt a “bully”, and “a ticking time bomb.”

As family members tell us it all stemmed from a domestic argument that caused the 35-year-old to erupt.

“When the deputy got to our residence and said come on Mr. Godbolt come on, lets go ahead and leave, he reached in his back pocket and just started shooting,” Vincent Mitchell recalls the nightmare that happened right in front of his eyes.

Officials say this would come to be known as just the beginning of  Corey Godbolt’s shooting spree.

“He’s the face of evil,” Mitchell said. “I think he come in to kill everybody we just didn’t see it coming.”

Vincent Mitchell says he was in the house on lee drive in Bogue Chitto when his son in law came in and started arguing with his estranged wife about their children.

He says things took a turn for the worse when Lincoln County Deputy William Durr showed up to try and remove Godbolt.

“He was just shooting and I ran into the bedroom and closed the door,” Godbolt recalls.

Authorities say Godbolt shot and killed Deputy Durr along with 3 women inside the home.

Deputies say when he left the home he drove to a house on Coopertown Road in Brookhaven where he shot and killed two boys. Authorities did not release the names of the juveniles, but  Barbara Buie says one of those boys was her grandson, Jordan Blackwell.

Jordan Blackwell (Photo courtesy of victim’s family)

“I said no it’s not true, it’s not true, it’s not true. I know it’s not true. They said Corey had shot him and when I got there they wouldn’t let us in, but evetually it was true,” Blackwell’s grandmother said.

She said the other juvenile was Austin Edwards.

“My grandson was lying on the floor, and I call him, my other little grandson, Austin, he was on the sofa and they both were dead,” She continued.

Buie says her grandson and the alledged shooter were related.

“He was his cousin. Hard pill to swallow, but pratically everybody he took out was kin to him one way or the other,” she said.

Officers say Godbolt wasn’t done with his violent crime spree yet.

We’re told, he then went to East Lincoln Road where he took the lives of Shelia and Ferral Burage. The picture attached to this article was given to us by Christianna May-Kelly.

Shelia and Ferral Burage (Photo courtesy of victims’ family)

Their daughter, Christianna May-Kelly told us she spoke with her mother just minutes before it happened.

“I actually spoke with my mom at 5:52 this morning, she was trying to see where I was at and was I okay and she said she was going to watch the news, and she was going to call me back and I got off the phone with her and I told her bye and that was the last time that I heard from here again,” May-Kelly explained.

Police say this was Godbolt’s third and final stop.

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