Edwards St. Fellowship Center receives anonymous donation

Photo Credits: Myka Barnes-Garcia/WHLT

Hattiesburg, Miss. (WHLT) — It is not uncommon for small non-profit organizations to receive donations.

But a large anonymous donation is helping to take off the day to day pressure of a Hattiesburg organization and allowing them to do what they do best, ministering to those in need.

The staff at the Edwards Street Fellowship Center can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

“This Spring we got word that some anonymous donors or donor, we really don’t even know made a gift of 150,000 dollars to our endowment fund,” said Executive Director Ann McCullen.

For volunteers here this donation reminds them their service isn’t unnoticed.

“But to have someone from the outside to look and say ‘Hey! A difference is being made to the lives of my neighbors, people who are struggling trying to get by.’ It really is a big point of encouragement for all of us.”

Aware of the continued need for tornado victim assistance, Edwards Street Fellowship Center is providing for more families than normal.

“We hear the most stories, I think, through our medical clinic,” she said. “We have a social work aspect so the social workers have a more in-depth conversations with our patients and clients.”

McCullen says they will continue to have their annual fundraisers, but this unexpected donation will now allow them to spend more time on their ministry.

“I think this is what this donor(s), would want. As well as other people who donate to us everyday,” said McCullen. “It doesn’t matter if the donation is five dollars or a large amount like this one they just want to see lives changed and we’re thankful for everyone of them.”

Funds will be handled by the Greater Pine Belt Foundation and a principle of the money will be left untouched.

The organization says they plan to only spend the interest from it.

If you would like to volunteer or donate, contact the Edwards Street Fellowship Center at 601-544-6149

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