Retiree Day held at Camp Shelby

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) — Former members of the Mississippi Army and National Guard were thanked for their service this morning at Camp Shelby.

The event is an annual event for some.

“We came here last year, we made another plan for this year and we’re still kicking it, we’re coming back next year,” said Floyd Garland, a Mississippi National Guard Marine retiree. “It’s an honor for us to come back. I made it through 16 summer camps down here and it was hot.”

Camp Shelby Commander Greg Michel thanked retirees across the state for their national service and contributions.

“And still keep them involved and still feel like they’re a part of what they used to do,” said Commander Michel.

Garland explained how much as changed on the base.

“Just coming back and looking around to see how much it has changed, it really is something. We really enjoy it, everyone of us.”

Commander Michel says to see retirees come back and support those currently in the enlisted brings him back to the start of his career.

“Whenever I joined as a private, a number of these enlisted men and officers mentored me through my career,” he said.

For Augustus Collins, this is a like a family reunion for him.

“You don’t get a chance to see them very often so this is one opportunity to bring everyone back together again. You can kind of rehash old memories,” said Collins.

Mississippi 155th Armored Brigade will undergo training at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California in June.

After the ceremony, retirees and their families were able to tour the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum.

July will mark the centennial of Camp Shelby.

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