Hattiesburg Zoo welcomes new animal, a baby blue duiker

Photo Credits: Hattiesburg Zoo
Photo credits: Hattiesburg Zoo

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) — The Hattiesburg Zoo welcomes a new animal, a baby duiker, to its family on May 3rd.

The Zoo’s female blue duiker, Schnapps Cakes, gave birth to the new baby weighing just over a pound.

Zoo keepers say they suspected Schnapps Cakes was pregnant from physical signs, such as weight gain but did not know for sure until she gave birth.

“Newborn animals are thrilling to zoos everywhere. Since mom and baby both appear to be healthy, it is not necessary for our team to intervene in care at this time,” said Stephen Taylor, animal care manager for Hattiesburg Zoo.

Schnapps Cakes is a first-time mom and is recovering well according to zoo keepers. The baby’s father, Obi, is five-years-old and is leaving the mother to care for the baby.

Duikers are from the same family as antelope and they are usually found in southern and eastern Africa.

The birth of the baby duiker brings the population to three. The family will be in their usual mixed exhibit with the lemurs.

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