Providence Community first to see increase in sewer rates

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) — Residents who live on the outskirts of the Hattiesburg city limits and use the sewer system will see an increase in their next bill, effective immediately for one community.

Last year the city council agreed to raise the sewage rates for non-Hattiesburg residents.

This morning, the council approved the contract with the Providence Homeowners Association.

“We are charging them twice the amount of what we would charge a normal citizen in the city of Hattiesburg,” said Carter Carroll, Hattiesburg City Council President. “The higher rates will cover the extra cost the city pays to provide service for those who live outside of the limits.”

Even though homeowners will pay more on their monthly bill, Carroll says it’s a win-win situation.

“Still the residents there can get rid of their water waste for much less than they can do it their selves,” said Carroll. “Such as having to pay out of pocket to have their own sewer lagoon or even a septic tank.”

Also helping the city.

“It will lower the cost for citizens of Hattiesburg on their sewage.”

The Providence Homeowners Association is the first community that will see a increase in their prices, but it isn’t the last.

“Absolutely others will follow when their contracts come up for renewal. This was just the first one to come up for renewal.”

Residents in the community will see their rates increase in their next bill.

Hattiesburg services seven other neighborhoods outside of the city limits.


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