Farm Families of Mississippi

COLLINS, Miss. (WHLT) — When you think beef, Texas might be the first state that comes to mind — but we found out that Mississippi has a role in the beef industry and we visited with a local family farm to check it out.

The local farm is in Collins.

“Our farm started here in January with 15 acres and 5 cows, from two elementary school teachers and it has grown up,” said Doug Rogers with Rogers HS Bar Ranch.

In the state of Mississippi, there are nearly 16,000 individual families involved in the beef industry.

“There isn’t a cooperate beef program. There’s no cooperate farming when it comes to beef. It’s all individual families. Some of them are fifth, sixth generations that work with other families to produce that wholesome, safe, nutritious meat product that we get to enjoy so much at our home or restaurant,” said Dr. John Blanton, the head professor of Animal and Dairy Science department at Mississippi State University.

The Rogers HR Ranch is now the largest Charlale breeder east of the Mississippi River.

“Actually to find more Charlale cattle, you’d have to go to Montana,” Rogers describes and also believes it is the healthiest and cheapest place to raise the cattle thanks to the natural resources. “The annual rain fall, the warm winters that we have and the amount of cheap fertilizer that we can get and relatively cheap pastures that we can come across.”

Also benefiting the economic growth of the state either in land taxes or from the income taxes from the people that are employed to help operate the farm.






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