Members participate in 11th annual Good Friday cross walk

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) — If you were traveling west on Highway 98 Friday morning and were stuck in traffic, it wasn’t an accident that held you up.

We caught up with members from CrossPoint Community Church who were carrying a cross for nearly 7 miles this morning.

Around 45 members participated in the 11th annual ‘Cross Walk’ held on Good Friday.

Wes Register, Associate Pastor of CrossPoint Community Church, said it’s a demonstration of the sacrifices Jesus made for us on Good Friday.

“We just want people to understand what Jesus did for us and we know that Easter sometimes gets mixed up and it gets about Easter bunnies and eggs,” he said. “We just want everyone to have a chance to experience the symbolic weight, it’s not a contest of strength but we want people to get the experience of getting under the cross and we just want the guys who are working with us to experience that reality and to think about that.”

The walk begins at Chick-Fil-A and ends at the church near Highway 589.

The walk is not only an experience for participants, but also for those passing by.

“I think they’re seeing a good role model of our community and the good things because in our world you don’t see much good stuff and I think it’s good to have some good stuff in it,” Carson Atkins said while after observing the cross by him and others who gathered to watch. “That was thousands of years ago and it’s kind of honorable to them doing it today and I think it means a lot.”

Each walker carried the cross for at least 100 yards on their back before passing it to the man behind them.

“God’s word tells us that we’re supposed to be like a city on the hill. A light of Christ in our world. And so anyway that we can help our world see who Jesus is  and what he did we want to try our best to do that,” said Register.

Hattiesburg Police and Lamar County Sheriff’s Departments escorted the church members during the walk to direct traffic and ensure the safety of participants and sidewalk observers.

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