Water line ruptures, causes water outage in Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) — Hattiesburg residents might notice low water pressure or no water at all after a downtown water line was ounctured.

The streets of East 7th and J.D. Randolph filled with water Tuesday after a water line was ruptured by railroad contractors.

According to city engineer, Lamar Rutland, Kramer Service Group was installing fiber communication cables during the time the line ruptured.

One of the workers was observing the water line when, and when putting the man whole lid back on it fell through striking a 20-inch concrete high pressure water line.

“Some people may lose water, most people should not,” said Rutland.

Water and Sewer director Chad Frierson said about 30 people we’re without water after engineers had turned off water valves around the city.

As of Wednesday, all residents should have their water back on.

“A boil water notice will most likely run until Friday,” said Frierson. “We have to have two clear water samples before we can lift the boil water notice.”

Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree praised teamwork efforts from the city.

“Our water and sewer people, Chad Frierson and his people did a phenomenal job at getting this hole closed and getting the water back on. You’re talking about 12 hours that everybody was back and running and that’s a testament to the water and sewer department.”

Dupree says the whole will be open for atleast another 24-hours then the road will begin to be repaved.


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