Seat belt safety; people ejecting out of cars during crashes

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) — ‘Click It or Ticket’ a common phrase to remind you to use your seat belt.

But there’s a real reason we say it and why police officers are so adamant about giving warning and citations for drivers who don’t have their seat belt on.

We spoke to Karly Forman who knows the importance of wearing one first hand.

“I had seat belt burns on my collar bones and on my hip, but if it would’ve not been for that I definitely would’ve went through my windshield,” explained Forman who was hit a drunk driver just out side of Collins.

“I was driving on highway 84 when a drunk driver stopped in the middle of the intersection and I t-boned him,” she said recounting the accident. “I mean the first thing my body did when I hit was keep going and I went to a class on it, and they said that when you hit someone your body is still moving as fast as your car was and in my case I was going 65 miles per hour down the highway.”

Recently in Lucedale, six passengers were involved in an accident where no one in the car was wearing a seat belt according to Mississippi Highway Patrol.

Three of those passengers died.

Also, in Biloxi another accident occurred this time ejecting a mother and her child from the vehicle sending them over a bridge

Lt. Jon Traxler with Hattiesburg Police Department says their main concern is to educate the public on safety.

“That’s one of the reasons why our officers are constantly pulling people over if they see them without a seat belt. Whether they get a warning or citation.”

Forman believes that the worst wrecks happens within a mile from your house.

“I didn’t think that it could ever happen to me as bad as it did but in an instant anything can happen. So I think it’s really important that no matter where you are, how close or far the seat belt really can save your life.”

A bill has recently been sent to Governor Phil Bryant for approval to make law hat all passengers in the ca must buckle up.

If Bryant signs it, a driver could face a $25 fine for every unbelted passenger.

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