Hidden Talent: Jason Kimes, local Pine Belt artist

Photo Creds: Jason Kimes

LAUREL, Miss. (WHLT) If you’ve been to any big event in New Orleans, you’ve likely seen the art work of Jason Kimes. What you might not kow is that he lives right here in the Pine Belt.

We got an exclusive behind the scenes look at his latest creation. 

Near the Super dome and downtown N.O. you’ve probably seen multiple pieces of his artwork, but if you give him 5,000 horse shoes, he’ll make you a 9-feet tall sculpture with them.

Photo Creds: Jason Kimes located in New Orleans

“The title is 27 hands and that’s a reference to how Horses have been traditionally measured by hands. They use the measurement still today. So the sculpture is 9 feet tall which works out to hands as far as horses go 27,” describes Kimes.

A collector who has purchased work of Kimes’ before donated close to 6,000 horseshoes that the donor collected over 25 years.

“I didn’t re alize at the time the quantity he had, but when I got there and saw there was seven drums or five to six-thousand horse shoes I was happy but I had absolutely no idea what to do with them.”

He spent a year cleaning them off.

The time forced him to think long and hard about how to incorporate these unique pieces of art into his next sculpture.

Majority of his work is either miniature or live sizes.

“It dawned on me to combine another project that I had considered using this pose but on a much smaller tabletop scale.”

But it wasn’t just any ole pose, it is a sketch that has stuck with him for over 12 years.

“It’s the most compressed version of a figure, or the human form that I can get into personally because its based off of my own body in this pose. So it’s free standing — that’s the other important aspect, where I support myself as a grown, erect, productive human.”

The process to enlarge and construct the 3-D model from 9 inches to 9 feet then took off.

Attempting at first to free hand craft the sculpture, didn’t work at first.

“I was able to enlarge it on the computer after creating a 3-D model and that same app was able to slice it and allow me to create a 9-foot version of that clay model,” With hopes it will allow those who observe his art work to view it differently. “This adds a whole other dimension because they’re looking up to the sculpture now. They don’t really relate to this figure. In some ways they can because it’s a figure but other ways they’re being looked down by art so it’s a whole different dynamic.”

Kimes says the 3-month long building process has removed limitations he feels he might of had in the past.

“I’m definitely going to be working on a similar scale for at least a while. Up or down maybe but really what it’s done is it’s most excited me about the potential of what else I can make.”

The sculpture was bought by a private collector based out of New Orleans.

Photo Creds: Jason Kimes located in New Orleans

Visit his website for more information on Kimes and his variety of pieces.

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