Arrests made in Mak’s Mini Mart Burglary

Estabuchie, Miss. (WHLT) — Two men are behind bars, accused of burglarizing a Jones County store back in February.

Surveillance video shows two men breaking into Mak’s Mini Mark in Estabuchie on February 17th. Deputies say it’s Jessie McGhee and William Landrum on that video who stole 18 guns; serial numbers from the stole weapons were shared with other law enforcement agencies.

Jones County Sheriff, Alex Hodge, says a person who was unsure about a recent gun purchase went to the Covington County Sheriff’s Department in regards to the firearm.

“Covington County come in contact with a weapon somebody had purchased and that weapon wound up being one of the weapons that was stolen from the Mak’s Mini Mart,” says Hodge.

The gun was traced back to Jessie McGhee in Forrest county. Forrest and Jones County Sheriff’s Departments went to McGhee’s home and questioned him and Landrum. Sheriff Hodges said the two denied the burglary up front.

After deputies left McGhee’s home, investigators say both suspects were seen by witnesses throwing guns into a swamp behind McGhee’s residence. Forrest county deputies search the area and found four weapons matching the description of some stolen and a backpack used in the burglary.

Two more weapons were recovered, bringing the total to seven. 11 stolen firearms are still out there.

Sheriff Hodge spoke in a press conference held on Monday morning about double-checking if you have purchased a weapon in the past two months to make sure paperwork is correct.

“If you have purchased a weapon that does not have proper paperwork with it or something just tells you that it might be something suspicious about that purchase. Which is what happened in the initial break of the investigation. You need to contact local law enforcement,” he said. “If we come to you before you come to us, you will be charged with receiving stolen property.”

As the investigation continues to find the remaining weapons, further charges are possibly pending from Forrest county.

Both are charged with commercial burglary and bonds set at $10,000 each.

According to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department, McGhee was in the store the night before the burglary, making them believe the burglary was premeditated.

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