Rotary Club celebrates 100 years of service, serves for 100 days

Rotary International is the largest and oldest service organization. The Rotary Foundation celebrates 100 years of charity service around the World.

District 6840 Governor for Rotary Club, Randy Feldman, says there are clubs all over the world and the way they are honoring the 100th anniversary is by giving back for 100 days.

Since January 1st and until April 10th, local and national rotary clubs will complete special projects for the community in addition to their regular projects.

“It’s whatever the interest of the club is that matches up with the needs of their community. It could be anything — from working with the homeless, to the elderly, environmental work, educational or health work,” said Feldman.

The president of the Rotary Club of Hattiesburg has made sure their projects over the months have been geared towards those affected by January 21st tornadoes.

“We fed over 1,200 volunteers as well as those affected by the tornado. We also worked with United Way with their volunteer response center and created a tornado work day on February 4,” said President Jaclyn Adams

In April, Hattieburg Rotarians will read to over 100 children grades Kindergarten through second at Hawkins Elementary School.

“It’s an awesome responsibility. And it’s an awesome feeling to know that here in Hattiesburg we’re impacting people in our community and the needs that they have,” said Adams.

The Rotary International’s motto is, “Service Above Self”.

“And every rotary club in the world is molded towards helping to deal with the issues that pop up in their community,” explains Feldman.

Having the role of president for Adams means more than just meeting on Tuesdays for weekly luncheons and hearing a guest speaker. It means getting and staying involved in the community to continue to carry on Rotary traditions.

So far, Rotary Clubs in Northern Louisiana and South Mississippi have completed 17 service projects in just 49 days.


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