Local gas station adds security to pumps

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) — Credit card skimmers have been found across multiple gas stations in the Hub City, Perry and Lamar counties. Gas station owners and managers haven’t been able to realize their pumps have been broken into until after the fact.

One local gas station is firing back and trying to stop the problem before it happens.

Manager at Shell located on 3089 Hardy street, James Frazier and American Fire and Safety came up with the idea to install security on all the pumps.

Frazier says if anyone does anything other than pay and pump gas, local police will be notified.

“As of right now it’s 99 percent virtually impossible to get inside of my pumps without police being notified,” he says.

Hattiesburg resident May Madden says this is something gas stations should have been doing.

“It makes me feel safe and I feel like my money is going to be safe and nobody can get it off the card.”

Frazier says people not paying at the pumps, and pre-paying inside will allow travelers to save an unnecessary trip inside the store to let them to purchase the exact amount of gas they are needing.

“Odds are they’ll be able to stay outside and fill up and get exactly the amount of gas they want to get as opposed to coming in the store trying to guess how much it is to fill up.”

As of right now, they are the only station in the area that has taken precautionary actions.

Frazier hopes other gas stations find a security measure to ensure the protection of drivers purchasing gas at the pumps.

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