Hattiesburg city council hopes to increase sales tax

Hattiesburg City Council

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) –City leaders hope shopping in Hattiesburg can help them fund street repairs.

The city of Hattiesburg is asking State lawmakers for the opportunity to collect a one percent sales tax on good and items purchased within the city.

Ward 1 Representative, Kim Bradley says the cost of projects in the area continue to go up but the revenue hasn’t keep pace.

“The 46 million dollars, that general fund that we collect every year. It’s just not enough to do what we need to do,” said Bradley.

If approved, the one percent tax initiative would be strictly for infrastructure projects related to roads and bridges.

Bradley says thousand of people travel through the city. Whether it’s to come to work, to shop or visit, this is a way for them to contribute to the conditions of the road.

“We’ve got some 45-thousand people that live in the city but at any given day, during the week we could have 125 to 135-thousand people riding the streets,” he said. “The rewards would be that people would not be driving through potholes.”

The request has been sent to the capitol in hopes that it will be approved to add the one percent on top of the current seven percent.

Lawmakers and the governor would have to sign off on this request. If approved, a special election will be held and 60 percent of voters will have to vote yes for it to go into effect.

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