William Carey to demolish 103-year-old Tatum Court

Damage at William Carey University Photo: WCU

After a tornado left heavy damage on the campus of William Carey University, multiple buildings are being demolished. One has been around since 1914.

One hundred and two years is how long Tatum Court has been the face of William Carey University.

Provost of William Carey, Dr. Scott Hummel says it truly is a great loss.

“Everyone that comes back to Carey always seems to have a story of connection to Tatum Court,” he express while sharing his memories of taking his first college classes in the building.

Sophomore student, Katelee Thomas says the building is like a hub for the University.

“Knowing that it’s going to be gone is sad, it’s really heartbreaking for most of us,” she said.

The administrations says this will give them a chance to start a new legacy.

“Never the less, as sad as it is to lose Tatum Court. We also know that there is going to be another Tatum Court; it’s going to be a better Tatum Court,” said Dr. Hummel. “It will become the new image of Carey. When you come on campus you’re going to see it. It’s going to have a very prominent place.”

There will also be a nod to history at the new Tatum Court, they plan to use some of the old bricks for the new building.

“We don’t want to lose that connection to our past, our heritage, our tradition. So we’re going to be able to maintain that and yet move forward,” he said.

Thomas says the University incorporating pieces of history says a lot about the faculty and staff.

“They’re really trying to keep us involved and they really want us to feel kind of sentimental about it and to be able to remember what we had before,” she said.

Four other buildings will be torn down. Two of them being the oldest dorms on campus.

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