Better Business Bureau warn of scams

Residences of Hattiesburg and Petal, Miss., experience storm damage, Jan. 21, 2017. The tornado hit the area during the early morning hours.(Mississippi Army National Guard photo by Pfc.Christopher Shannon/Released)

After natural disasters or severe weather different scammers tend to come out to affected areas offering construction work to victims. John O’Hara, Better Business Bureau’s CEO, wants to make residents affected by January’s tornados aware that these scams are out there, he says “you don’t want to become a victim twice.”

O’Hara says these scam artists usually ask for money up front with no form of a contract. They will use high-pressure tactics to persuade potential victims, “they’ll come door to door, they’ll ask for a deposit, they’ll tell you there going to get material and might not come back, they might start the work and not come back.”

He says you need to have a contract outlining everything the contractor is going to do and make sure you agree with it, “you wanna spell out everything their gonna do and make sure you agree to it and if any changes you want to initial it.”

For those who have not yet hired a contractor, you can contact the Better Busines Bureau, and they can give you a list of reliable businesses, or if you have already hired a contractor you can contact them, and they can check their credibility.

O’Hara says if you do your homework and use common sense finding reliable workers won’t be hard, “think about when you chose a place to live and how much time you took, you didn’t just walk in and pick a house don’t hire a contractor that way you want things done your way this is how you live.”

You can visit their website by clicking here.

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