An 8 year old’s dream to be a woman in blue

HATTIESBURG, Miss (WHLT) – A local third grader has a dream to make her community safer and  that little girl told a police officer she knows just how she’s going to do it, and it looks like she found some help with her mission.

Kenadie Robertson wants to be a police officer, “I want to save the world…”

Officer Brian Gray with the Hattiesburg Police Department was responding to a call on West 6th Street when an eight-year-old flagged him down, not because of an emergency; she simply wanted to know how she could help.

“…get people off the street. If they do drugs; I’ll go to their house, knock on the door. If they start running, I know how to run fast. And if a man starts running, I’ll call backup; I’ve got my team,” said Robertson

The desire to help was certainly there, but during their first meeting; so were the questions.

The second grader says it’s her goal to be a woman in blue; pressing sirens and sitting behind the wheel of a patrol car just like the officers she admires, “I dreamed about this that I wanna save creatures and save lives.”

Officer Brian Gray and Kenadie Robertson
Officer Brian Gray and Kenadie Robertson

Gray said in his almost three years of service; he’s never met a child so ready to serve.

When Kenadie tells friends her plans to change the face of the community, she’s faced with challenges but asks them one question, “Do you want to help the community, do you want to help everyone in the city or do you want to sit there and just do nothing? And he says help the community, and I say; that’s right, that’s right.”

Officer Gray said knowing a child is passionate about serving her neighbors is encouraging.

“It’s one thing for people to hear it from the police but I think it means a lot more when your peers are telling you police are good, we have a lot of good police officers here doing the right thing,” added Gray.

She even plans to work on her days off, “I’d say no, I don’t want to be off and stay all night, and I want to stay because I like helping people out.”

“Every single time I do that, I just feel like I’m helping someone and I feel like I want to do that one day,” said Robertson after pressing the siren.

The future officer has just one message for the men and women that keep her safe, “Keep going and don’t stop.”

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