Columbia group plans trip to Orlando

Hearts of Hope is gearing up to head to Orlando to help the families of victims in need of support and comfort.

This charity organization was founded by Carlton Lewis Thornhill after a tornado devastated Marion County. Ever since that tragedy, this organization helps bring relief to those victims and families of other tragedies as well.

Currently, the group has raised over $5,000 dollars since Monday evening, and the donations are continuing to grow. Thornhill says they want hope for the families, and that doesn’t always come in the shape of a dollar bill. Letters of love, hugs, and anything else that residents believe will help bring a sense of relief to these people is welcomed.

A group of about five people is heading out Saturday to help bring food, pay for hotel rooms, and find out what specifically is needed. After they return, a second trip will be made with reinforcements.

If you would like to donate, you can visit their Hearts of Hope Facebook page or stop by Main Street Gifts in Columbia or B and S Appliances in Hattiesburg.

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