Gov. Bryant signs 4 bills to consolidate 8 school districts

JACKSON, Miss. — It’s official. Four bills drafted that would merge eight Mississippi school districts into one will soon become law.

Gov. Phil Bryant signed the four school district consolidation bills Wednesday. The bills will become law on July 1.

“We need to make sure we are as efficient as we can be in state government. That includes making sure we focus on getting resources into the classrooms, where they’re most needed,” Gov. Bryant said.

Below is a list of the four bills and which school districts they will consolidate.

  • HB 987: Consolidates Leflore County and Greenwood school districts
  • SB 2495: Consolidates Montgomery County and Winona school districts
  • SB 2500: Consolidates Lumberton and adjoining school districts
  • HB 926: Administrative consolidation of Holmes County and Durant school districts

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