Walthall County Sheriff says jail will reopen soon

WALTHALL COUNTY, Miss (WHLT) – The Walthall County jail closed under the leadership of Sheriff Duane Dillion. We spoke with the new sheriff, Kyle Breland to get an update on when the jail will be open for use again.

Last October, the Walthall County Jail shut its doors, sighting low inmate numbers. The jail can hold 73 inmates, and only 10 were at the jail when it closed.Those ten were taken to the Marion- Walthall Regional Correctional Facility.

Officials said there were also other issues that the new sheriff is correcting, “We fixed the door problems that we had, we had some shower problems; they’ve been fixed. We had three windows that had been cracked by inmates,” said Sheriff Kyle Breland.

A couple of sensors in the lock-down room were malfunctioning; the cell doors were locked, but the control room program said; otherwise, that’s been corrected.

They’ve also taken this time to tweak some things, “We’ve got new cameras coming to fix those blind spots because we need to see what inmates are doing at all times.”

Breland also added that inmates were passing items through small cracks in the visitation room but one of the correctional officers decided to fix it himself, “They could slide stuff through that crack, but Mr. R.T. took it upon himself to put some screen in there so they couldn’t pass anything through.”

The jail also didn’t have a lockbox in the sally port. Breland said that was ordered. Before that, the deputies left their guns in the car, but Sheriff Breland said the lock box is a must. “A lot of things can happen when you bring someone to a jail and if they decide they want to fight then that officer has to worry about them taking that weapon during the fight.”

The Walthall County jail cost 2.8 million. Breland said that’s the reason he wants to get it running again, “We want this jail going just like it was when it was built, we want it operating correctly.”

Sheriff Breland said right now they have two employees in the process of becoming certified correctional officers. Breland said the jail should be open again soon.

Breland was chosen by the Walthall County Board of Supervisors on December 7, 2015, to replace Dillion.

Dillon passed away of natural causes in November 2015.

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