Students at Thames Elementary create arcade using recycled materials

HATTIESBURG, Miss (WHLT) – Third graders in Elvira Deyamport’s gifted class are making an arcade out of recyclable materials.

Deyamport said students have been collecting cardboard boxes, paper, plastic bottles, and egg cartons since January to build an interactive learning arcade.

It’s called the “Cardboard Challenge,” students are creating arcade games centered around language arts or math skills. Each game will cost about 5¢ or 10¢ to play, and the winner will receive tickets. Winners will be able to redeem those tickets for prizes, just like in a real arcade.

Deyamport said it’s an open-ended project, students were given guidelines but ultimately come up with the premise of the games which allows them to embrace their creativity.

“A lot of times we give them structure and give them student samples and they want to copy that and not do it on their own. By telling them hey, look you’re on your own, and you get to do this; however, you just make it work. It really puts them in the driver seat in terms of their learning to get them to think, well how can I get this to work without the teacher doing it for you,” said Deyamport.

This project crosses over into their schoolwork, building confidence and giving them the freedom to explore.

Gifted teacher Deyamport said once the entire arcade is complete, first graders will be invited to play.

Money raised from each game played will go towards the class fund to take to field trip.

Deyamport said the students will come up with a budget and determine the best hands-on field trip based on their funds.

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