Sheriff: Asphalt paving scam in Forrest County

FORREST COUNTY, Miss (WHLT) – Authorities with the Forrest County Sheriff’s Department are warning residents of a scam.

Officials received a call from a victim stating that a white male driving a red work truck came to her residence and said he was paving driveways with asphalt in the area and had extra material.

The suspect identified himself as Louis Jeffery and said he could repave her driveway for $1,500. The victim agreed to have the driveway paved.

Once complete, the suspect returned at night and stated the victim owned him $8,000. The victim said she did not have that kind of money; then the suspect said she could pay $5,000.

Forrest County authorities said the victim wrote the suspect two checks.

After the victim had told family members about the scam, she was able to cancel one of the checks before it was cashed.

Forrest County Sheriff’s Department is asking residents to be mindful of scams and to verify a company before attempting to engage in business with them.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Forrest County Sheriff’s Department at 601.544.7800.

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