Newly appointed Justice Dawn Beam installed on Mississippi Supreme Court

HATTIESBURG, Miss (WHLT) – The newest Mississippi Supreme Court Justice was sworn in on The University of Southern Mississippi’s campus Monday, and she’s already made history.

Supreme Court Justice Dawn Beam is only the fourth woman in history to serve on the Mississippi Supreme Court and the second woman on the current court.

“You don’t count votes, you don’t think about what folks are gonna be angry about; you just do the right thing, and when you do the right then you can sleep at night,” said Justice Beam.

Justice Ann Lamar will not be seeking re-election so Beam said it’s important to keep the playing field even, “We have nine justices but we come together to decide what the law should be for the entire state so we need diversity, so i plan to continue to have that voice on the court.”

Beam said this position means making decisions even “the people” won’t be happy with.

“We absolutely must have judges that are above reproach. I would love to make everybody happy but the truth is,anytime we make a decision there are some folks that’ll be pleased with it and others not, but I think as long as…kinda like a baseball umpire…as long as you call it like you see it, I think people can live with the results,” said Beam.

Justice Beam served five years as a chancellor of the Tenth Chancery District, which includes Forrest, Lamar, Marion, Pearl River and Perry counties.

Beam was appointed by Governor Phil Bryant to fill the unexpired term of former Justice Randy Pierce, who left after becoming director of the Mississippi Judicial College.

Beam took the oath of office February 16.

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