Hattiesburg High students interested in health care tour funeral home

HATTIESBURG, Miss (WHLT) – It might seem a little grim, and not at all about life, but as we found out, a trip to the funeral home for some Hattiesburg High School students was about learning a little about life and possibly getting them ready for a career in health care.

It was visual learning experience for students in the second year Health Science class. Students toured Forrest Funeral Home as part of their curriculum.

Mimi Wilson, a Registered Nurse and Health Science teacher at Hattiesburg High School said, “They have an opportunity to learn about multiple careers in the health care field. So we touch on all aspects of the human life, including death and dying.”

Wilson said if they plan to work in health care,they need to understand the process of life, all of it, “We actually start with the stages of development..conception.”

Ending this four-week lesson with learning the stages of grief. Elizabeth Broome of Forrest Funeral Home said, “One of the first things I asked the students when they came in was; what do you think of when you say funeral? They said dark, sadness and death; is what they thought of…we are geared towards a celebration of life.”

Wilson said the propose of touring the funeral facility is to allow to identify with their feelings and receive an in-depth look into a career dealing with the life from a different perspective.

“I thought their job was simple, said Tiesha Hough, a senior at Hattiesburg High School. She said she didn’t understand the process of coordinating a funeral, “I thought the body came in here and then they send it to the church but I found out she does a lot,she has to get the body, embalm it..she has to basically coordinate things.”

Funeral home director Broome said this shows students what to expect when dealing with families and grief.

Hattiesburg High School Senior, Caleb Graham said parts of the process go unnoticed and this experience was eye-opening,”It definitely opened my opinion to this field.”


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